We’re thrilled to be hosted for the first time by Embercombe, on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England. It’s a stunning centre, set amidst fifty acres of permaculture woodland, fields and gardens, with a variety of eco buildings, yurts and a lake for swimming – just the right kind of place for a Dark Mountain gathering.

Embercombe site map
Embercombe site map (click to enlarge)

Note about the site from Embercombe 

The ground at Embercombe can be muddy, slippery and uneven, so don’t forget to pack a torch and waterproofs!

Sustainability and consumption are issues held close to our hearts, so please be mindful of the energy you consume. This includes not having oversized fires and using compost toilets instead of the flush ones. We rely on solar power for some of our hot water so please try to avoid long showers.

For more detailed information and an interactive map please visit the Embercombe site: