All tickets for Base Camp are only available via Eventbrite, and must be purchased in advance. Tickets will not be available at the gate, and please note that dogs are not allowed on site. Before clicking on the ticket link below, please read the following information.

When you click on the link, you will be directed to our Eventbrite page where you will see a number of options:

Ticket (including camping)

This is your ticket for Base Camp. It is valid from 4pm on Friday 2nd sept to 4pm on Sunday 4th Sept. The ticket costs £85 (all tickets have an additional Eventbrite processing charge).

2 Nights Yurt Accommodation

For those who’d prefer not to camp, Embercombe’s yurts are available on Friday and Saturday night (combined cost for two nights: £45). Each yurt has three beds and a wood burning stove. The beds have mattresses and mattress covers but you must bring your own sleeping bag and pillow/bedding. Bedding is also available to hire from Embercombe at a charge of £10 for the weekend. If you would like to book some, please e-mail Dougie:

If you’d like to book a yurt as a group, please buy tickets as normal and then e-mail Dougie the names of those who wish to share. If you book a single yurt space, we’ll ensure you share with folk of the same gender.

Sunday Night Ticket

Base Camp’s programme ends at 4pm on Sunday. However, for those who wish to stay over and travel home on Monday morning, Embercombe have kindly allowed us to use the camp site for one extra night, at a cost of £20 per person. Note that yurt accommodation will not be available on Sunday night, so it’s camping only. The cafe will be open for meals and there will be a fire to gather round in the evening. Everyone must be off site by 9.30am on Monday morning.

Camper/Caravan Ticket

A limited number of spaces are available for those who wish to bring a campervan or small caravan. A charge of £10 books your spot. Please note that you must also purchase a Sunday Night Ticket if you wish to stay on till Monday morning.

Meal Ticket

The Linhay at Embercombe includes a purpose built dining area. Purchasing a meal ticket for £45 means that all your food needs are covered for the weekend. Meals include Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. (Please note that if you wish to have dinner on Friday night you will need to arrive at Embercombe before 6pm).

The meals will be good, wholesome, vegetarian fare, often using fresh produce from the Embercombe permaculture gardens.

If you have any special dietary needs, it is important that you contact us before you buy a meal ticket. Whilst Embercombe can cater for most needs, it may not be possible to accommodate every individual requirement. If in doubt, contact Dougie: dougie at dark-mountain dot net

The Embercombe yurt cafe will also be running throughout the weekend, so if you don’t purchase a meal ticket, it will still be possible to buy soups and snacks and other simple meals on site. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own camping food. Embercombe will also be running a bar in the evening.

Children’s Ticket

Whilst Base Camp welcomes families, we will not be running a full children’s programme or a creche. There will, however, be storytelling and other sessions that are child friendly, and Embercombe is an amazing place for children to explore.

If you have young children, it is particularly important to note that there is an unfenced and unguarded lake on site.

The tickets for under 12s are free, though a ticket must be ordered for each child you bring. Please note that if you book a yurt, you must purchase a yurt ticket for each child staying with you. Likewise, meal tickets must also be purchased for children with adult sized appetites! If you are bringing younger children and planning to eat in the Linhay, get in touch and we can talk diets and discounts.

Minibus Ticket

If you are travelling by public transport, we have arranged for the Embercombe minibus to do a limited number of runs to and from Exeter train station. The charge is £5 return. Dark Mountain has subsidised the cost of this to encourage public transport use.

The minibus will run hourly from 2-6pm on Friday and there will be someone from Base Camp to give you times and directions. If you purchase a minibus ticket, we will contact you with details of times. Though, please note, if you are not arriving until the evening, you must make your own way to Embercombe. Taxis are available from Exeter train station and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.