There are several food and drink options at BASE CAMP. You can buy a meal ticket for the weekend, visit the Embercombe cafe and/or bring you own food.

The Linhay at Embercombe includes a purpose built dining area. Purchasing a meal ticket for £45 means that all your food needs are covered for the weekend. Meals include Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

The meals will be good wholesome, vegetarian fare, often using fresh produce from the Embercombe permaculture gardens.

If you have any special dietary needs, it is important that you contact us before you buy a meal ticket. Contact Dougie: dougie at dark-mountain dot net

Whilst Embercombe can cater for most needs, it may not be possible to accommodate every individual requirement. If in doubt, get in touch.

base camp_food 2Embercombe Yurt Cafe The Embercombe yurt cafe will also be running throughout the weekend, so if you don’t purchase a meal ticket, it will still be possible to buy soups and snacks and other simple meals on site.

base camp_food picYou are, of course, welcome to bring your own camping food. The nearest shop is several miles away so best to come fully stocked.

Embercombe will also be running a bar in the evenings, serving local ales and cider.