Base Camp programme is taking shape!


Tickets are selling at a pace for the great Dark Mountain Gathering this September, our first for three years, held in the lush Devon valley of Embercombe. Nearly all tickets have been snapped up, so if you are thinking of coming, this is a quick spring reminder to book now and secure your pitch:

The Base Camp programme is now shaping up and we’ll be putting up full details here on the website in the next few weeks. Already it’s a feisty and enticing mix of talks, theatre and workshops with lots of space for conversation and encounter.

Come and meet the artists, writers and editors of the Dark Mountain journals and see them action: on our stage Em Strang performs her post-apocalyptic poem Stone, Paul Kingsnorth relates the roaming of his upcoming Beast, Rima Staines takes us into the hedge-brambled world of Tatterdamalion, Nick Hunt and Monique Besten across the trackways of Europe, following the winds and the sea, Catrina Davies into her music-making tin shed by the cliffs of the Atlantic.

We enter the realms of mythology and wild intelligence, guided by Martin Shaw and (with luck) David Abram. We look at the future of knowledge and learning with Dougald Hine, Keri Facer and Ben Vickers, the future of land and food growing with Chris Smaje, Jules Pretty, Cate Chapman and Molly Campbell. Shaun Chamberlin launches David Fleming’s dictionary Lean Logic and Surviving the Future. Marmaduke Dando hosts his signature Powerdown music night.

All these, alongside storytelling around fires, night time appearances from Feral Theatre, herbal mead-making, Georgian singing, deep listening, wild swimming, a renga (poetry!), roots music and more. Experience a weekend of exploration, discussion and surprises on the edge of civilisation this September. See you there!

Image: detail from Hole Earth by Robert Leaver, Rabbit Island, Ireland (photo: Finbarr Kinmonth-Duerden) One of the must-see performances at Base Camp