The Dark Mountain Gathering

2-4 Sep 2016

Welcome to Base Camp at Embercombe 2016

The Dark Mountain Project set up BASE CAMP at Embercombe in Devon on the weekend of September 2nd-4th 2016.

It was the first large gathering to be held by Dark Mountain for three years and provided an opportunity to explore the issues the project has raised, to share ideas with real people in a real place, to sit round a hearth and hear stories from the other side of the fire.

We were thrilled to be hosted by Embercombe, on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England - a extraordinary centre, set amidst fifty acres of permaculture woodland, fields and gardens, with a variety of eco buildings, yurts and a lake for swimming.

The programme for the event included speakers and performers who are producing some of the most interesting and creative responses to this era of converging crises. Just as important, throughout the weekend, there was a chance for everyone who attended to actively contribute.

BASE CAMP aspired to a rich mix of talks, workshops and performance, and to the kind of alchemy that can happen when you honour the spaces that open in-between. It was a chance to replenish, to take a fresh look at the maps and to plan new routes and adventures. In keeping with our desire for an intimate participative event, the numbers were limited to 150.

The event is now over. Please do have a look around our site for details of the programme, photos of the weekend and other stories. And if you'd like to be kept up to date, do follow our blog for the latest news and events, or join the Dark Mountain mailing list:

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon.

Dougie Strang and Charlotte Du Cann

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